Q.What type of positions does Moxon specialize in?
A.Strictly accounting and financial positions.  We deal with candidates of all levels, from Accounts Payable to VP Finance. 

Q. How do I register with Moxon?
A. Please email your resume and cover letter to applications@moxonpersonnel.com

Q.Do I need to send a cover letter with my resume?
A.It is always a good idea to submit a cover letter outlining a little about your background and information on the type of position you are looking for. If there is a particular position you are applying for this should also be noted.

Q. Is there any cost to register my resume?
A. No. We conduct searches on behalf of our clients and there is never any charge to you.

Q.Do I need to send my resume, or call you, for every position that I see advertised?
A. No. Once we have received your resume you will be considered for every relevant position we are working on. Our consultants work as a team so your resume will be accessed by all our staff.

Q.I have submitted my resume, what happens now?
A.Upon receiving your resume our consultants will establish a file for you and review your resume for suitability to current positions. If you have the required qualifications one of our staff may contact you for further information or to arrange an interview. You will be considered for all positions we are working on.

Q.Does my resume remain confidential?
A.Yes. We use all possible discretion to ensure that your job search remains confidential.

Q.What is temporary and contract employment?
A.Our clients will often seek to hire staff on a temporary or contract basis. This may be to fill a holiday vacancy, assist with special projects or just provide an "extra set of hands" during a busy period. Assignments vary in length from one week through to several months. If you are presently unemployed this type of work can be a great way to gain more experience and exposure to various organizations. It is also an excellent opportunity to obtain permanent employment, as over 50% of our "temps" end up being hired permanently by the company.

Q.How long will you keep my resume on file?
A.Your resume will stay current for a four month period. After that time, unless you contact us, your file will become inactive.


Director of Finance - Victoria, Service (Victoria)
Our client is extremely well established and has had a dominant business presence on Vancouver Island since the 1960’s. They have a diverse set of profitable assets and boast sales in excess of $50,...

Added May 21, 2020

Intermediate Accountant, Group of Companies (Victoria)
Our client has been in business for over 50 years in the areas of retail operations, commercial real estate/development and they are very well established, high profile and profitable. Due to their s...

Added May 17, 2020

Tax Manager , Public Practice (Vancouver)
Our client is a medium sized to large firm that has had a presence in the lower mainland for over 40 years. The firm is very busy and is looking for a person to function as a Tax Manager or Senior T...

Added January 17, 2020